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'At the heart of Sutton Bonington our village playgroup has equiped, empowered and enabled young people for generations'

As a registered charity we have lots of fundraising events throughout the year, which you can take part in. Your help is greatly appreciated and any money we raise will be used to buy new resources and equipment for our children.
We also welcome new parents/grandparents/carers to the Parent Committee, either by coming along to meetings and supporting the committee with advice or by becoming an executive member e.g. Treasurer.
Getting involved in Playgroup is a great way to get to know the staff and other parents.
If you join the Committee you will be involved in numerous decisions here at the Playgroup ranging from key policies and fees to playgroup outings and fundraising parties. The Committee meet regularly each term and the Annual General Meeting is held every October.
The playgroup cannot run without a committee. You can make a big difference!
If you wish to join the committee or have any questions concerning the committee please contact the playgroup administrator.

What you can expect

As a member of Sutton Bonington Pre-school playgroup your child:

  • Is in a safe and stimulating environment.​

  • Is given individual care and attention.

  • Will enter an place with a high ratio of adults to children.

  • Will be given the opportunity to join other children and adults to play work and learn together and build on what they already know.

  • Will be helped to develop

  • Will be allocated a key person who will take a specific interest in your child's progres

  • Enters a pre-school that has strong ties with parents as developing partners, and one in which parents can help shape the learning environment for their own children.


Mission Statement

We acknowledge that every child is a unique individual who is constantly learning and developing and who can be resilient, capable and self-assured.
We recognise the value of working in close partnership with parents and carers.  
We value our place in the local community and encourage children to make a positive contribution to community life.
We aim to provide a warm, responsive and supportive atmosphere which enables each child to explore, learn and develop at their own pace in a rich and stimulating environment.

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