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We would be delighted to have your child join us at Sutton Bonington Pre-School Playgroup.


We are open Mon - Friday 9am-3pm.
Please feel free to complete our enrolment process by pressing on the button below and to download our prospectus.
Below are some great tips on how you can support your child whilst attending our playgroup.

A great way to support your child’s learning & development at home is to make time to talk through what your child has done throughout the day.
Share books, songs and games with your child and talk about them together.
Encourage your child to use pens, pencils, chalk, paints and simple tools such as scissors.
Talk to your child introducing new words whenever you can.  


Help your child to recognise shapes, colours, numbers and letter sounds in familiar places such as food packets, street signs and advertisements.
Provide opportunities for your child to investigate and ask questions about the world around them.
Write your child’s name and help them to recognise it. (only use capital letters for beginning of names followed by lower case letters).
Introduce the language of counting during activities such as cooking and shopping.
Provide opportunities for running, climbing and chasing!
Let your child enjoy and invent sounds, words, songs, music and rhymes.


The hourly rate is £6.10 

Morning sessions are £18.30 each (3hrs) or £36.60 for a full day (9am-3pm), unless they are covered by government funding or a child’s funding is used in another setting.


Lunch Club sessions are £5.50 each (unless covered by funding), and your child can stay on an ‘ad hoc’ basis.

Details about payment can be found on our welcome letter.

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