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Family friendly

'Sutton Bonington playgroup is such a brilliant place for kids to grow, I feel very blessed that my children had the chance to start life there'

Jonathan (local parent)

We are a family friendly playgroup...


5 things that make us unique


 1. Unlike most other playgroups our session planning is child centered. Our experience has shown that children develope better from short regular sessions rather than full days. Based on this fact we provide age specific (i.e 2 year olds play with 2 year olds) half day classes where the children benefit from a smaller number in each class, which means more one on one time with the staff and an accelerated learning curve.


  2. We understand that parents like flexibility, as such we are the only playgroup that allows 'flexible pick up times' Just one of the perks of being part of SBPSPG.


 3. Another great benefit with our playgroup is strong links to SB primary school. Throughout their time with us should they be moving up to SB Primary they will benefit from regular introductory sessions at the school which makes for a much smoother transition and takes the stress out of big school. Not only that but as an added bonus they will generally move with the same group of friends made whilst at playgroup. And before their move even takes place they will be involved in numerous connection days, social events, and get regular visits from their reception teacher.

 4. Unlike any other playgroup in the area we are a Forest school playgroup. This means that children have the opportunity to play, learn and grow in confidence through outdoor activity that takes place in a real forest! All under supervision of course! 

 5. Being in a village playgroup like ours creates a very special atmosphere and cultivates healthy growth in young children. It will become a time and place where lasting and fond memories are made. The playgroup itself is overseen by a local committee made up of playgroup parents. We are also a registered charity with a great track record.



We know you and your child will be very happy at our playgroup and we look forward to welcoming you should you decide to attend.

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